Zinabos Bonsmara

The late Esias Scheepers and Adinie Scheepers started farming on Gezina, Fouriesburg in 1949 with merino sheep and cattle.

In 1967 he got in contact with Prof. Jan Bonsmara in search for his first Bonsmaras base cows, which later laid the foundation of the Zinabos herd as it exists today. Today we are the 3rd oldest Bonsmara herd in the country that still belongs in the same family. 

The breeding goals have changed, but by exclusive selection and new tools available, we developed the herd into one of the best Bonsmara herds in the world. We model our breeding goals to the economy of cattle farming in South Africa: Fertility, adaptability, excellent mother traits, heritability and longevity. 

Secondary breeding goals are masculinity, correct build, with strong claws and legs.

Over the years we have been exposed to some of the best mentors in the industry: The late Esias Scheepers (father), the late Dr Hermann Venter, Erwin Church, and Ian Walsch (NZ). 

These people have established themselves in their own right, knowledge systems and values that have eternal value and breeding goals that we now use in the Bonsmara systems of selection, by fellow breeders.

They also contributed to our knowledge of the breed and breeding progress.

We are proponents of the use of our young bulls that are from top-producing cows with all the excellent traits, heritability, and it has brought fast genetic progress. 

We also use the best breeding bulls from other herds in the country to counteract inbreeding and to improve outstanding qualities.  One of the major advantages of farming with Bonsmaras is the major genetic variation available in South Africa and the wonderful relationship between breeders to buy each other’s animals and promote the breed. 

It is of such great value in breeding genetics, one reason why Bonsmaras is one of the largest breeds in South Africa. 

Since 2002 we have sold out all 10-year-old cows in our herd. 

Every year we get incredible success stories that these cows have provided in other herds and have beard great fruits for these breeders. 

These cows have contributed hugely to approximately 25 herds in the past 18 years, that still exist because of the animal’s fertility, adaptability, heavy weaner mass and longevity. (RSA, BRAZIL AND ARGENTINA)

It’s still the same traits as the original breeding goals. 

We still follow these practices today. 

We keep the herd as a commercial herd on natural “Sourveld” in the Dihlabeng (Free-State) area and overwinter time on harvest residues, as it is a practice in the Eastern Free State. 

Since 1988 we have had our production auction in the spring, to allow good stud and commercial bulls to be available to the cattle industry. 

This year we will present 65 bulls on the farm Hoogland in the Free-State close to Fouriesburg. It is the most supply of bulls we have ever offered, considering that we only offered more or less 20 on sales each year. 

It is proof – of all the outstanding breeding qualities we have captured in the animals over the past few years – they have a good inheritance.


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